good advice


I would if I could. It’s funny the amount of times someone comes into the book shop and says “Oh! It must be wonderful working here, just reading books all day long.” I wish working in the book store meant reading all day but the only reading I have time to do, are book spines to see if we want to buy/trade the book, or figuring out what a book is so I know where to put it.

We have nothing on a computer, most of the day is spent helping people find what they’re looking for and cleaning up after a section gets decimated by a browser. To the browser’s defense, it’s not hard to do. The low bookcases are hard to look at and easy to stack books on top of, inaccessible alcoves, piles and boxes are everywhere. Some people love the labyrinthine design, the difficulty of the hunt, dusty, musty book odor, and others, not so much.

Mom – who 40 years ago began the design of the store by building the shelves herself -described it as a monster you are constantly beating back down. I picture her with a broom, whacking a humanoid creature into a cellar hatch. I think she sees the wisteria that has engulfed her deck in the same way.




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