what is hidden, is not forgiven


Summer 2012 I had just finished cleaning the guns for the show and was pre-setting them in the lock box backstage when Zach came up to me, eyes wild, breathing hard. “I found Greed Rules!”

“Huh? You’re kidding? That was thrown out last year.”

He nodded, grinning wide. “I was showing Heather. around and we were walking up the old skid trail when she spotted it. I couldn’t believe it! Mick said he took it off the farm but he must have secretly dragged it into the woods and hid it!”

Greed rules turned up on the farm some time in the 1990’s. When I arrived summer 2003, a Serbian accordion player was staying in it. He might have been the one who spray painted “Greed Rules” and “Bombs over Palestine” on it, or the spray paint was there before, or maybe scenic’d on for a show. I don’t really know, but it took on a life of it’s own and we all called it the Greed Rules trailer.

The accordion player never complained about staying in it, in fact he stayed there twice. Every other person who was offered it as accommodation, even after serious scrubbing and fresh paint, declined and borrowed a tent.

One winter, we tried making it habitable for a new actress coming to the farm. We insulated the windows and put a oil heater on full blast. After dinner, just before she was anticipated to arrive, Estelle asked whether anyone had checked how warm the trailer was. We bundled up – it was around minus twenty that night-  and went over to the Goat Palace. We stepped inside and saw our collective breath expand in the moon light. It was so cold, sound seemed frozen. Estelle slammed the door and quickly we transformed her office into a bedroom with a cot and twinkly lights, covering surfaces with fabric, making it look as cozy as possible moments before the ride dropped her off.

A few summers later, after a very sweet lighting designer from Iran said there was a giant lizard in the trailer, and if it wasn’t too much trouble, could he sleep outside instead? Greed Rules was abandoned as an accommodation option and fittingly put to use as a macabre set piece in the annual Halloween: Walk of Terror. It’s final destination was the metal recycling yard.


After Zach found it’s hiding spot, neither of us mentioned it to anyone else. That winter, during our annual nighttime cabin crawl, an actress, the Artistic Director and myself, fell behind the group, ending up on the old skid trail. As we climbed the hill through the wintery forest, I realized we were approaching Greed Rules.

Vanessa: ‘Oh, what’s that trailer?”

Coco: “Trailer? There’s nothing on this… what the hell?!”

Vanessa: “What is this?”

I tried prying the frozen door open to show her, scared we’d find something inside. When I finally broke the seal, it was as decrepit and haunted as I’d remembered. Collectively, we squealed and ran away as fast as we could through the deep snow.

This past summer, Luka and I took a few pictures to remember it before it was dragged off to the scrap yard in town.



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