Old Tom at dawn


Clomp, clomp. “Hello? Anyone awake?”


Oh, Good morning. Care for some coffee?

About three years ago, Tom developed a sway and a lean on his right back leg. Tests came back negative, no compression on his spine, or degeneration on his hips. His blood work looked good. Still, he grew gaunt and would lose balance and fall. Everyone feared it was the end but the cause was a mystery. He isn’t an old horse.

As winter approached, fears he would slip on the ice and be seriously injured increased. Assuming his quality of life was too compromised, the horse vet was called to euthanize him. Tear soaked goodbye’s and a burial was prepared.

When the vet arrived he looked Tom over and said, ” I’ve put down 13 horses this month. This one is not ready to go.”

His left leg has atrophied and he is skinny for a Clyde, but he roams all over the forest and eats special, soaked feed everyday. He occasionally kicks up a trot and wears warm coats in the winter.

He’s outside the cook shack every single morning at dawn. When the sun rises over the trees, he wanders off into the open pasture. This morning as he left, he very daintily stretched his left leg straight back with a little groan and joined his friend Jason in the field.

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