Earth birth


If Earth is here 1000 years from now and archeologists excavate this piece of land, they will wonder what the fuck we were up to.

In rehearsal yesterday, the cast cut through an opening in the riding ring fence to a path where they would pick up a giant serpent puppet and come back on stage. I went over to hack away brush to widen the path and found a 6″ piece of steel sticking out of the ground with a shackle attached. Figuring it wouldn’t be too deep I started first digging with the claws of a Eswing hammer. A foot deep and I still couldn’t wriggle it loose. I reluctantly went down to the tack shed for a shovel.

2 feet and it still wasn’t coming. Covered in dirt and Oregon grape leaves, it started raining. They were still rehearsing and the trumpet was singing out over my frustrated groans as I dug deeper and deeper. I was about to give up when it finally broke loose of the silty, glacial ground. Mick said this use to be the bottom of a lake. The silt has flecks of gold and silver in it. My filthy legs and arms were glimmering.

I carried my prize to the shop and K said he had a use for it. Our best guess is it’s a left over pin from the circus tents they used in the early 90’s. As we’re doing a circus style show this summer, I deemed it a good omen. Resurrecting the past. This land birthing new life and love into the present.


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