stones & silver


I was digging through a box at home looking for a stack of patches I wanted to give out as opening night gifts. I rediscovered all these stones, necklaces, rings and pins I’ve collected over the years. When I lived in my camper van, these gems rode with me, lined up along the groove in the upper window sills. For a long time my favorite stones were; Hematite, Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli. Silver always.IMG_2393

The Skywise pin was a gift from my Brother. He remembered Skywise was my first ever cartoon crush… mmm still is.


My Aunt in Australia gave me this raw piece of opal for good luck on my travels.


Dear friends in Newtown, Sydney made me this opal necklace. Lucy is a jeweler who regularly makes trips to the opal mining towns of Coober Pedy and Lightning Ridge. The heat and dust storms are so intense in Coober Pedy, the town lives underground. It’s almost like Skywise’s lodestone.


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