Pioneers Press/Punch Drunk Press = Best summer reading for heart, mind and soul.


Bleary 6 am photo, with the head of the Charon.

Jessie Duke: Hard Fifty Farm vl 1 + 2

Adam Gnade: DIY Guide, Hey Hey Lonesome, The Heat & The Hot Earth, Caveworld, The Growling Mouth

Katie Johnson: What a Beautiful Face – A Neutral Milk Hotel Fan Zine!

Bart Schaneman: Trans-Siberian

Olivier Matthon: Under the Radar – Notes from the Wild Mushroom Trade

Craig Kelly: Dear Shane – A Mental Health Resource About Staying Alive

Matt Gauck!: Next Stop Adventure – The Book!!

I’ve read most of these but brought them to the farm in case I wanted to lend, or gift, or re-read. I gave out “Everyone Good is Necessary” patches for opening night, response was warm and earnest. I’m curious to see where the patches end up. After an all consuming rehearsal/tech process, I am fucking relieved to have free space again. I’ve been accumulating Matt Gauck patches to sew on to all of my clothes. Drink cold coffee at day break and run along the dirt roads, past the corn fields and horses and dairy cows. Sit under the tree and read, while everybody splashes in the Shuswap river. Up early. Up late. Let the days heat pace us.

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