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With an audience shift for Act 2 to the Timber Barn, another stage management/ LX booth needed to be built from salvaged material. Tibeau constructed the solid and unshakable viking base. The metal frame has just been kicking around the woods for a long time. I have no idea what it’s original purpose is. It looks like it held some sort of tank. The table are braces Zach made this past winter for the stage management sleigh. As it goes, there’s never enough time to complete projects once the show is up and running. Everyday introduces a new, unforeseen shift in priority. The good thing is, nothing here is ever wasted. Ever! Reuse. Re-purpose. Re-imagine.



Fuck it’s hot. Driving home at 9pm, wafts of fetid, rotting corpses in the ditch. Deer, coyote, raccoon, trying to cross the highway to the lake. Escape the 40 plus degree heat. Bloated organs, drying blood, cracked open bones.


Sunrise on the drive back. Summer officially starts with the sweet pitch scent of forests burning, filling me with nostalgia. The sun and moon tinged with umber. Direct heat dampened by haze. With smoke in the lungs, every action is slower and harder.

Pine trees are soaked with sap, a reaction to the parasites on pine beetles. Red, dead woods, tinder dry. Forest fire fighters say the beetle killed trees explode.

As a kid, I heard a story about a cowboy riding through an extinguished burn. He wanted to take a piss, and tried tying his horse to a charred tree but the horse wouldn’t let him, pulling back, swiveling left and right. He got frustrated and kicked the blackened tree. The bark broke away, revealing orange embers inside.

Fires can burn underground for weeks, chasing root systems with just enough oxygen to stay alive. We live in the forest. A careless cigarette, smouldering camp fire, dry lightning, a fire bug. The smallest spark turns catastrophic. Fires suddenly shift, ride the wind, jump highways and valleys. Single homes survive while the neighbors fireplace is the only structure left. It’s random and chaotic.

That first whiff of smoke brings back memories of being a teenager. Hiding in friends basements til sunset then taking off on our skateboards, swimming at midnight, staying up til dawn, owning the streets. The Pixies, The Decendants,The Ramones. The languid heat of August, deep in our bones.



Insomnia reigns. Waking and dreaming, surreal melody. A wedding of visions. Through gritted teeth, breathlessly whisper, “Why the fuck do I do this?”. Coco’s sweet, words run through my heart, “Be calm, be patient, and most of all, be kind to one another.”


I was digging through a box at home looking for a stack of patches I wanted to give out as opening night gifts. I rediscovered all these stones, necklaces, rings and pins I’ve collected over the years. When I lived in my camper van, these gems rode with me, lined up along the groove in the upper window sills. For a long time my favorite stones were; Hematite, Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli. Silver always.IMG_2393

The Skywise pin was a gift from my Brother. He remembered Skywise was my first ever cartoon crush… mmm still is.


My Aunt in Australia gave me this raw piece of opal for good luck on my travels.


Dear friends in Newtown, Sydney made me this opal necklace. Lucy is a jeweler who regularly makes trips to the opal mining towns of Coober Pedy and Lightning Ridge. The heat and dust storms are so intense in Coober Pedy, the town lives underground. It’s almost like Skywise’s lodestone.