good to go?


6:15pm, Jan and I were sitting on the porch staring at the sunset. 15 minutes before Box Office starts letting the audience in. Both blank, drained, processing the last two days.

Ajineen, with her beautiful, broad smile, tentatively came up to us and said, “Just to let you know, the power went out.”

We usually only have power outs with electrical storms. This summer we’ve had four and the hydro company hasn’t explained any of them. The second act is plugged in; 2 wireless mics, guitar, bass, keyboard, electronic drums and a playback. During a production meeting, weeks back, we discussed what to do if there was another power outage. The best option was using the two winter show generators. One for the band and one to create a static lighting wash on stage.

During tech, Jan and I, were told the generators are “Good to go”. Last night, we quickly realized that actually meant, “We’ve moved the generators to the act two site.” There were no cords to run power to them, no boxes like the ones we use in the winter to muffle the loud motor growl. Riley started pulling cords from the act one site and the two of us hauled the generators 150 feet outside, at opposite ends of the Timber Barn, hoping that would be far enough to not hear the constant drone of an engine running.

Quick, and dirty re-patching. Hot, sticky, sweaty, making it up on the fly while the audience were directed to use the out houses on the farm. The power being out also means there is no pump for the well and no water.

The hydro company didn’t know what the source of the problem was but said there were 1900 homes out in the area, that it could take three hours to diagnose. We were fine for act one, it mostly has daylight. We had the generators set up finally but, if it was going to work, was still to be seen.

We ran the first act, constantly looking to the lights hoping to see them power up. By intermission I was in a miserable, as all fuck, mood when the lights in the dressing room popped. The cast let out a big “Hurray!” I threw my head back in relief and howled “Fuuuuuuck”.

Riley and I re-re-patched in a fury while the audience seated. Once the lights came up and the band started playing, I felt my dress completely soaked with sweat. I looked over at Jason and Tom in the dry corral, feeling guilty I didn’t have time to give them apples like I do every intermission. I think they were disappointed with me today.



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