Early this morning, Luka and I climbed up Goat Mountain to what we call the “waterfall” on the farm. The nearest body of water is about a 20 minute drive. In the sweltering heat, the waterfall is a godsend.



IMG_2832You stand on this platform and pull a cable. Nothing happens for about 2 seconds, then whoosh, a whole lot of cold water comes crashing down. It’s refreshing, in a shocking and harsh way. The platform isn’t very big and there’s a drop right in front of it. Startled screams ring out in the woods as you simultaneously get soaked and grasp the mossy rock for balance.


IMG_2838The waterfall is fed from a cistern on top of Goat Mountain, pumped from a well of non-drinkable water in the back 40.



IMG_2843Toad hollow.


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