swiss bones

IMG_2874Just before sunset Lisa and I drove Deep Creek road through some nasty, swampy, gag inducing barn smells, then started climbing and winding through the forest to Stephan’s studio of wonder and bones. When we stepped out of the car the days heat was dissipating with a cool breeze and the scent of star gazer lilies in Suzanne’s garden floating in the air.

IMG_2875Earlier in the summer when Stephan told me that the skull I gave him had turned out really nice, I assumed he’d re-animated it. He buries the bones which are cleaned by ants and other ground dwellers. What he’d actually meant was once he had dug it up, it was polished and pristine.

IMG_2876In the fall, Marsh found it under one of the cabins we were renovating on the lake. Scottie declared it the site mascot and it sat on a piece of blocking in the wall. It still had dried flesh, blood and a beard around it’s jaw. Before I left that job for the winter show I told them I had a better home for it, there was a bit of protest and I brought it to Stephan. I originally thought it was a baby coyote. Stephan says it’s a fox.

IMG_2878I didn’t ask him where the jaw was. It also had a full set of teeth. They must have wriggled loose, or he’s still letting the tiny garden creatures clean them.

IMG_2880I was happy to see the polar bear mask from East of the Sun, West of the Moon. Billy did so well walking on all fours in the polar bear costume; in 5 foot high leg and arm stilts, especially given it was winter and he was traversing through snow and ice in the dark.

IMG_2882IMG_2881IMG_2884The majority of Stephan’s sculptures are kinetic and really hard to photograph-particularly given my ‘camera’ is an ipod. This one spins and dances, as a delicate shadow circles below.

IMG_2888I can’t believe he found such a tiny typewriter.

IMG_2893This photo totally didn’t work out but it is one of my favorites. Man screaming in a boat as he paddles away from the Ogopogo lake monster. The sculpture undulates as he rotates the paddle, animating the shadow behind it. Shadow plays will always be the dearest to my heart. The Widow’s Black Cafe is still my most cherished show we’ve done out here.

IMG_2895Ia! Ia! Chthulu fhtagn!

IMG_2896The band’s drummer and organist. The guitar player and harpist were moving too fast to catch. Afterwards, we stood in the lavender patch and watched the super moon rise above the forest. Through the haze of forest fire smoke, it was a radiant bloodied orb. I laughed with Stephan- who immigrated here from Switzerland- he’s a clock maker unhinged by British Columbia’s wilderness.

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