IMG_3071The horses had their hooves trimmed and cleaned. He shucks the gunk out of the base and trims off the excess hoof, then files it to a nice clean line. It’s a horse pedicure. You need a strong core and physique to do farrier work. One farrier I know has bone spurs in his back. The first time I even heard of bone spurs, I was snowboarding and living in my van in the Rockies. I was hanging out in the lift shack with a ski patroller, who was groaning about the bone spurs in his heels from cliff jumping. He said at the end of the season he’d have surgery to grind them down, till then he just sucked it up cause the snow was too good.

IMG_2984Jason before his appointment. You can kind of see his hooves are a bit long and jagged.

IMG_2985IMG_2241Luka was the first dog to see what the tack shed snack bar had on offer.

IMG_2987IMG_3077Jack, Sunny & Tinkerbell.IMG_3078 Sunny and Jack came from a auction in Southern Alberta. They were on the block as biters and kickers, which meant they were being sold cheap for horse meat. The Teamster, who went to the auction on behalf of the farm to pick up a different set of Clydesdale’s, couldn’t let this pair of 8 year old’s go to slaughter. He bought Sunny and Jack as well, and told the theatre, “If I can retrain them, you can have them, if not, they’ll stay with me.” It took a few months, a volunteer team of dedicated and experienced horse trainers but they came around and are now a sweet team, who pulled audiences in the winter sleigh show last year. Tinkerbell, is more than happy to follow these handsome, dappled gents around.

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