veganMoFo 3: Pioneers Press

Pioneers Press is a publishing house, small press distro and animal rescue, located on a farm in rural Kansas. They promote literature on social justice, sustainable living, cruelty free lifestyle and issues surrounding mental health, gender and sexuality. They are the real fucking deal! Vegans raising a family, growing their own food, taking in unwanted or injured farm animals, while providing platforms to launch freedom and self sufficiency for the greater good. Champs!

IMG_3183Five awesome recipe zines.They have lots of vegan cook books in their catalog. ‘Let Gluten Freedom Ring’ is like having your friends over and asking “What shall we make to eat?”

IMG_3178Heaps of great reading on animal rights from all eras. They also distribute Will Potter’s book ‘Green is the New Red’ and published, vegan author/illustrator, Matt Gauck’s ‘Next Stop Adventure.The book!’ I’m reading it right now and his stories fill my heart with joy.

IMG_3185I use to joke I was “The only vegan in the village” till I started wearing their ‘GO VEGAN’ button on my jacket. It’s opened up conversation to strangers around town saying either ‘Hey I’m vegan too!’ or “My son is vegan’ or ‘I’m almost vegan but you make me think I should go all the way’. I was in a coffee shop and the girl behind the counter, who turned out to be vegan, excitedly told me -without my asking, I was just there for coffee- all the things they had we could eat. All I’m doing is wearing a button. Easy, effortless but reaping pretty good rewards connecting my introverted self to the community.

They are genuinely good people, offering what I consider, a vital service to us all.

Check them out!

  1. sara said:

    Thanks for this! Never heard of them before, going to check it out and probably order some stuff! 🙂

  2. lysette said:

    Awesome! I didn’t mention it in the post but they publish vegan writer Adam Gnade, though he doesn’t write about vegan-ism, he is a brutally, excellent storyteller. Gnade also contributes a column to the vegan lifestyle blog: The Discerning Brute

  3. Yes! Big ups to Pioneers Press (and an exhausted, collective sigh at that-other-distro-which-shall-not-be-named).

    I have a theory that half the reason punks wear patches and buttons is because it’s an easy conversation starter for the intensely socially awkward. Or at least, it lets you know who to stand (grumpily) next to.

    • lysette said:

      Totally helps you spot the diamond in the rough! cut through the exhaustive bullshit.

      Pioneers are doing so much good, gone so far in a short amount of time and to have he he “he who shall not be named” sweep in with his douche bag super powers, trying to cripple them with an absurd lawsuit, it’s ridiculous. Comical, if it wasn’t so scary for them. I really hope they see it through the storm.

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