vegan MoFo 5: Wheatgrass cafe

As we live two months on the 80 acre farm for the rehearsal/run duration, the theatre company hires two cooks – who, lucky for me, also happen to be good friends of mine. Two indulgent summer months – and again in the winter – having all my lunches and dinners catered; I become catatonic in the kitchen. You’d think eleven years of this routine I’d find a way to cope on my departure but I stare at empty plates and feel no motivation. I get lazy.

IMG_3219At least, till inspirations back, there’s the Wheatgrass cafe in my local health food store. I am partial to the kale salad once it’s discounted because: A) it’s cheaper, and B) the lime juice & olive oil softens up the kale, plumps the pumpkin seeds and distributes the sugar of the dried cranberries.

The tortilla, made by a local guy, is soft and pliable. The wrap has a sun dried tomato walnut spread, daiya slices – avocado would be better, tomato, cucumber, red pepper and the sweet, crunchy spines of romaine. Also discounted, a little soggy but a pretty awesome amount of food for 6 bucks. Let the kitchen procrastination reign!


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