vegan MoFo 7: Lactation Cookies!

IMG_3248My friends just had a baby girl but they live 108 km north of me. Once these cookies cool down, I’ll pack ’em up and send them in the mail.They are a breast milk making, galactagogues fiesta: oats, barley flour, sunflower & sesame butter, coconut oil, brewers yeast, lots of flax seed, fennel and ginger. The rest of the recipe is pretty standard hippie cookie, low in sugar, other than the dark chocolate & carob chips. The breastfeeding Mother isn’t big on sweets. Actually, they’re more like a hearty biscuit than a cookie.

IMG_3251Off to the post office.

  1. I’ve been craving a really dense, heavy oat-based cookie for the last couple of weeks, so those cookies sound awesome! (Yeah, okay, instead of using words like “hearty,” I should probably admit to the world that I’m craving hippie cookies.) You packed so much good stuff in there. Also, mailing baked goods is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m never quite certain how good they are when they arrive (because it’s almost always a 1-way transaction), but I guess you’d have to be a pretty crummy (crumby?!) person to be bummed out by a box of cookies appearing on your doorstep overnight.

    • lysette said:

      Good point, I did put some extra padding in the box but to avoid crumble frowns I should have sent a note with “Lactation Granola!” instead.

      • lysette said:

        Hey Claryn, you’ll appreciate this – the box I packed the cookies in was reused from one of my Pioneers Press zine orders. That box has traveled more than I have lately.

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