vegan MoFo 10: How It All Vegan – Dog Biscuits

IMG_3333I’ve got a big bag of brewers yeast left over from the lactation cookies. I use to eat brewers yeast a lot in the 90’s, when I was first vegan but now I don’t really know what to do with it. I don’t even remember how I use to eat it. My roommate thought the smell was revolting, she’d get all shifty and grumpy when the bag came out of the cupboard. She had a delicate olfactory.

I owned one cookbook back then called ‘Vegan Delights’ by Jean Marie Martin. She must have suggested adding brewers yeast to food. I don’t have that cook book anymore. A lot of the recipes were complicated & gluten free, with none of the ingredients available where I was living. I’m hesitant to say – without having a retrospective look at it – that it was a terrible cook book, at least in terms of making vegan food easy and accessible.

IMG_3345Unlike, Sarah Kramer & Tanya Barnard’s classic ‘How It All Vegan’. I wish I’d had that book instead. Luka misses the squirrels out on the farm. Shaking their fuzzy tails at her, chittering madly, throwing pine cones at us. She never caught one – thankfully – but would, ears up, tail wagging, pant and gaze at them in the trees. Now at least she can have a little munch. These are the Cornmeal Crunchies Dog Biscuits – which call for brewers yeast – from that old school, ass kicking book.

IMG_3330IMG_3336IMG_3364IMG_3367IMG_3369I do have to say the squirrels on the farm are a bunch of assholes. Gangsters of the forest. They’d take over cabins and fight relentlessly over territory. Incessant pine cones hitting tin roofs, ceaseless high pitch shrilling, it gets old really fast.

IMG_2794The first few days at the start of the run I thought I was losing my mind – I sort of was, thanks insomnia! I would preset three red delicious apples in a top hat backstage. Then, just before the show, Joey the Circus Clown, comes running up to me in his huge shoes, panicked he was missing one of his juggling apples. Apples he needed so, Mr Pugs,The Shaved Monkey, could steal one and bite Joey in the leg – it was an important prop in terms of Joey and Mr. Pug’s character arc. I was certain I had put three in the hat but ran off to get another. It happened again the next night. On the third day, I went up to site a little earlier and caught a god damn little chipmunk perched on the rim of the top hat with a big bite taken out of one of the apples.

After that it was war. The chipmunk would run all over the set and through the bleacher seating. I kept the apples on lock down, handing off to Joey just before he went on stage. I’d look behind me and it would be sitting on the fence, watching me.The cast thought it was pretty funny that, I the vegan, was basically getting a middle finger, from a tiny chipmunk. I’m amazed it was able to carry off an apple twice, three times it’s size. Or maybe it’s little buddies came along, heaved it out of the top hat and rolled it off into the forest… guess I’ll never know.

  1. Hannah said:

    I have a complicated and volatile relationship with squirrels. We’ve been enemies since they destroyed all of my pumpkins a few years back. I’m totally stealing the line about them being gangsters of the forests. Because they really really are. So needless to say I love these little treats, and Luka is cute!

    • lysette said:

      Thanks! She loves them too. I’m kind of surprised, given how simple the recipe is, what a hit they were with her. Wow, went after pumpkins! You’ve got some bold-ass squirrels in Texas!

  2. FoodFeud said:

    So cute!! The cookies and the pup. What a lucky dog.

    • lysette said:

      Funny you say lucky; when we adopted her from the SPCA, a couple years ago, her name was “Lucky”. I was kind of -ugh- about the name and changed it to Luka, after Italian power metal guitarist, Luca Turilli. Not the Suzanne Vega song, that would be totally depressing. She is the raddest dog! I totally recommend adopting senior dogs.

  3. I made those biccies for my dog too! She really enjoyed them, though she does enjoy most food. And I think I have the same squirrel cookie cutter as you 🙂

  4. Haha! How It All Vegan was my gateway vegan cookbook, and definitely taught me to appreciate a good cookbook that doesn’t call for wacky ingredients or overly complicated recipes. Love the pup photos, and that you make Luka biscuits. When I read her name, I immediately thought of the Lemonheads cover of the Suzanne Vega song, which I actually love (the cover, not Suzanne Vega!).

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