vegan MoFo 16: Iron Lentils

IMG_3497I went to donate blood yesterday and the hemoglobin test said my iron levels were too low. I wasn’t surprised. I’ve been complacent about eating iron rich foods and I consume a lot of coffee which supposedly blocks the absorption of iron. When I arrived for my appointment at the mobile clinic, I realized I was wearing a short skirt with the worst pair of underwear I own. A pair I keep telling myself to throw out, then it ends up in the laundry and the circle is unbroken. The self conscious part of me was relieved I wasn’t going to hop up on the gurney and flash all the other donors across the room. I have 52 days till my next appointment to get my iron stores up and toss those nasty panties.

IMG_3493Brown lentils, mushroom, tomato, garlic, onion and lots of molasses with smoked salt, cumin, chipotle & chili powder. Avocado sourdough toast and vitamin C rich red pepper, to help absorb the iron in the molasses and lentils. Trying not to shoot myself in the foot by drinking a cup of coffee or black tea after this.

  1. Good idea! I need to do a bit more iron packing…my stores got a bit low for a while there…I have built them up to within the acceptable range, but still at the bottom. I’ve been pretty lax lately too…I used to be so on top of making sure I got enough of everything!

  2. lysette said:

    Yeah I was taking a new supplement but obviously I wasn’t absorbing it. A few weeks of lentils – my favorite – and beans usually rights it back up for me.

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