vegan MoFo 17: Salad Roll at the Bookstore backdoor

IMG_3226My everlasting love of hitting up Hedy’s Saturday morning farmers market stall on the way to work. She did have a restaurant for a couple years across the street from my family’s bookshop but found the overhead too high and she refused to cut corners on quality. Thankfully, Hedy didn’t fold up all together and went back to her spot at the market.

IMG_3227I also bought a pack of her raw balls but we ate them all at work. Coconut lime was the crowd favorite. Snowy white with little ribbons of lime rind, it was as visually appealing as tasty. The hemp heart, walnut date ball came in a close second. I dub Hedy ‘Queen’ of this little vegan valley.

IMG_3384I like the cover of this bio on deceased Canadian journalist Jock Carroll. He was famous for his shots of Marylin Monroe at Niagara then ended up in copyright trouble for his pictures of Glenn Gould.

IMG_3475I was in the westerns section for a customer who called looking for the William Johnstone ‘Ashes’ series. I picked up this book, at first because the cover design was so terrible, then all my years of watching Beavis and Butthead flooded back to me. I held the book up to my co-workers laughing “J. Lee Butts“. When I read he was also the author of ‘Ambushed’ I was pretty useless for the next couple of minutes.

IMG_3224And proof that Dad walks and reads. I suppose he’s tall enough the drivers will see him coming and he’s not moving very fast, kind of like a moose, they’ll stop and honk till he crosses out of the way.

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