vegan MoFo 18: Radish

IMG_3501Look at this monster! I bought several of these behemoths at the farmers market. I eat radish raw in salads and sandwiches for their sweet, crunchy heat. I love bitter. A few summers back, I was driving home from the farm for my day off. I stopped half way at a grocer to pick up almond milk and some veg. I saw a black radish, a charcoal orb contrasting white flesh. I’d never heard of it so I bought one. On the drive my stomach started to groan. I grabbed the radish and took a bite like it was an apple. As I chewed my whole respiratory system exploded. My eyes and nose started to gush. The heat kept climbing. I could barely see the road. Sputtering and cursing, I pulled over and cracked open the almond milk washing the skin’s remnants out of my teeth. Turns out black radish is closer to horseradish than the rosy champion radish.

IMG_3500Watermelon turnip.

  1. That turnip is freakin’ gorgeous. I’d never heard of or seen a black radish before I read this post/googled it, but I’ll keep an eye out now. If nothing else, they just look SO COOL. (Annnnd obviously I think it would be hilarious to do an all-black version of “eat the rainbow.”)

  2. lysette said:

    Yes! Black beans, molasses, black berries, pepper… shit I’m running out of ideas now… black mission figs, morels, black sesame seeds… Transylvania black bread, poppy seeds, Oooo! Vegemite!

  3. mscate said:

    oh wow, thanks for the warning! This is the kind of thing I would do

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