vegan MoFo 19: Hazelnuts

IMG_3609I dropped in on Mom this morning and she showed me how good her hazelnut crop is this year. The heavy summer rainstorms must have favored plumping up the filberts. The stellar jays and magpies bury the heaviest nuts for winter.

Hazelnuts always remind me of my youngest sister, sitting at the kitchen counter crack – crack – crack – yielding little jars of her favorite nut. When I eat them, I feel like I’m eating one of my ancestors foods.

IMG_3607A million little universes.

  1. ameyfm said:

    oh wow! you can grow your own hazelnuts!? how lovely!! Hazelnuts are my favorite nut of all. I love love love love love them!

    • lysette said:

      It attracts a riot of birds. Magpies and jays walking on their feet, picking up nuts, finding the heaviest and flying off to their secret stash spot. See if you can grow one where you live, they are a pretty special filbert 🙂

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