vegan MoFo 21: Italian Prune Plums

IMG_3532Every autumn Mom packs her freezer with plums and dries the rest using her homemade dehydrator. Growing up we ate a lot of plum and apricot fruit leather. To me, the smell of drying stone fruit is indicative of fall.

IMG_3535I love the dusty color of prune plums, rub off the bloom and reveal the deeper hue. My brother and I asked for her plum ice cream recipe. She responded ‘prunes’. We were dumbfounded, that frozen overripe plums blended in the food processor could taste so decadent.

IMG_3539The flesh is perfect right now, firm and sweet. I stood under the tree and ate four.

  1. ameyfm said:

    oh, beautiful pictures and beautiful memories. I also love the dusky color of plums, and how wherever you touch them, the darker skin shows through. How amazing to blend up frozen plums into ice cream. That sounds lovely

    • lysette said:

      I grew up with that tree 🙂 I’m grateful my parents still live in the same house. All these years it still produces perfect little tear drop orbs.

  2. How lovely! I’m excited for the upcoming stone fruit season – it feels like it’s been so long!

    • lysette said:

      Oh man! Do I ever love guava and passion fruit. My Mom is forlorn she can’t get a good papaya or mango in Canada.

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