vegan MoFo 24: Jaffles!

IMG_3606Mid MoFo Jojo posted about her cheese sandwich tasting party and used a term I hadn’t heard since I was a kid: Jaffle. I went up to Mom & Dad’s and asked if they still had jaffle irons. Without hesitation, Mom pulled two out of the cupboard.

IMG_3604I think these are meant to be used over a camp fire but as kids we cooked them on the stove top. I vaguely recall using it down at the beach fire pit.

IMG_3660I didn’t have any cheese but I’ve been wanting to try Claryn’s -hell yeah it’s vegan!- Tahini Caramelized Onion Sauce. I made the sauce this morning and it is so freaking good! Tangy, creamy, sweet. I need to have this in the fridge at all times from here on.

IMG_3662Silver Hills sprouted grain bread – sort of local, the factory is at the north end of the valley- coconut oil spread on the outside of the bread, hell yeah it’s vegan! tahini onion sauce and slices of smoked tofu. Next time some sauerkraut, or hummus would be good in this.

IMG_3666I made a simple chunky tomato soup to go with it. Sorry siblings, now that I’ve liberated the jaffle iron from Mom & Dad’s I’m keeping it. I asked Mom to bring me back a big jar of vegemite from Australia. To be fair, you’re welcome to come over anytime for vegan cheese ‘n vegemite jaffles.

  1. Oh yay! I’m excited I inspired you to get your jaffle on! Yours looks great, I love smoked tofu in any kinda sandwich.

    • lysette said:

      I can’t believe I forgot about them, my siblings and I would make vegemite & -sad not vegan- cheese jaffles after school all the time. That, or cinnamon toast. Smoked tofu is da best!

  2. Ha, when I was growing up (even now, really) we always called it a ‘Breville toast’ because we had the old Breville toasted sandwich maker. With my sister it’s still “I had a Breville toast for lunch”. Never a toasted sandwich or a jaffle. I used to think jaffles were when you made a toasted sandwich with jam inside, something my friends did but it grossed me out. Then I heard there was such a thing as a baked bean jaffle (which also grossed me out). But I love these real deal jaffle makers of yours and they definitely can’t be called a Breville toast!

    • lysette said:

      I don’t think I could get down with a hot, jam jaffle either. I think of it as a savory sandwich. Baked beans seems wrong to combine with the crispy/custard-y aspect of the glorious jaffle. Ahahaha Australians come up with the funniest words πŸ™‚

  3. Whoa! My first reaction was that your sandwiches looked like those that came out of that as-seen-on-TV sandwich maker my parents bought in the early 90s. I’d never heard the term “jaffle” before, and had no idea non-electric ones existed. That’s awesome! (And now I want a sandwich.)

    Happy to hear you like the sauce, too — it’s one of my faves. πŸ™‚

    • lysette said:

      You’re welcome – about wanting a sandwich πŸ˜‰ I always forget how awesome sandwiches are till I have one.
      I have to pace how many recipes I’ve bookmarked from your site. I only have so much time before I leave town again and I want to make everything!

    • lysette said:

      Bring on Autumn; soup and jaffle season has begun!

  4. Jess said:

    I remember making these over the campfire with–yes–jam inside! Oh memories! Now I really want one. One of my favorite pre-vegan treats was a toasted cheese sandwich, but there’s something about it getting all compacted into hand-pie form that’s extra good and not the same thing as plain old toasted sandwiches. I need to get a panini press or something, I bet that would do it.

  5. lysette said:

    I started laughing when I closed the iron like a clam around the bread. Transforming the simple sandwich into a pearl. Don’t settle for a panini press. Hunt out the campfire jaffle!

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