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I made a last minute decision to head up to the farm for Halloween. I usually wear some sort of animal mask: a goat, two types of wolf mask, a black sheep, coyote, crow and a horse. Call me a traditionalist but dressing up on Witches New Year should honor the spirit world and it’s deities; not showing up at a party in a toothpaste costume or a sexy… anything. I like my Samhain strange, hallucinatory. The fucking Christmas celebrations of Krampus & Black Pete in Austria are infinitely more terrifying than October 31st in North America.

IMG_3851I wanted to make a raven mask but got as far as pressing my face into a tinfoil template when I realized I wasn’t going to have enough time. That said, a few years ago I whipped out a crow mask in under an hour so this isn’t a real excuse.

IMG_3890I dusted off my old goat mask and Luka looked at me with “You’re seriously going to wear that again?” She keeps me straight.

IMG_3895Looking for something faster than making a mask, I was flipping through Peter Beste’s True Norwegian Black Metal and figured, if all else, I could do corpse paint again like Gorgoroth era Kvitrafn.

IMG_3898A homage to my all time favorite: King Diamond, or Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest! I started to get excited then remembered I’d thrown out all my corpse paint make-up since the last time I’d wore it. I don’t wear make up otherwise. I couldn’t be bothered buying more.

I actually plan to hang out in box office all night with Lisa. Wearing a mask would make me kind of useless at helping patrons through. The theme this year is based on the 1940’s radio drama The Whistler. Corpse face doesn’t really meld. I’ll go low key, wear a cloak and quietly acknowledge the wondrous and unfathomable darkness on my own.

What have I been doing other than getting my shit together for All Hallows Eve?

IMG_3852Searching for incoming book space when there’s no more bloody room. It’s impossible to cull, there are so many good books!

IMG_3861Enjoying an art book on Inuit Sculpture.

IMG_3872Harvesting walnuts.

IMG_3869And wanders on the mountain trails with Luka. I can feel the snow coming which is simultaneously exciting and drives me to inhabit the unfrozen earth as much as I can.


IMG_3837 I was taking a picture of this weaving book, Roz came over and said “Ooo I like that. Looks nice.” I told her, she could pull it off but on me it would look like I slit open a rug and pulled it over my head. She countered that hats don’t suit her but I can wear them. Touche Roz, well played.

IMG_3838Turning pages I kept pausing, rapt by this man’s grace and poise. I figured out he is not just a model but one of the authors of the book.

IMG_3839IMG_3841IMG_3842IMG_3840I love this caped pose. Great book.

Later I was flipping through a used massage textbook and saw flashes of blue leotard.

IMG_3843Okay, the students using the book need to clearly see the position their body should be in… makes sense.

IMG_3844I don’t understand the shoe change from black to white.

IMG_3846Wearing a little less but all for the sake of learning, right?

IMG_3847Hey-hey, wait a minute… wtf?! Who’s the gym instructor? Where is his uni-tard?

IMG_3848Clearly we have a discrepancy here.

IMG_3815 Seasonal and eerie. Is it staring at me or walking away?

IMG_3824I can’t even…  his awesome power…  stare at his chest face and slip out of time and space…

IMG_3819Fuck yeah Howard!

IMG_3818Puffin put out a lot of weird dystopian kids books in the 80’s.

IMG_3825Given the gong show that’s been going on with Toronto’s mayor, if he was re-elected this book could have been considered ahead of it’s time, but calling it ‘this season’s Robocop’ is setting a pretty high bar.

IMG_3849Super casual laser firing… yes, I am only up to the letter H in sci-fi. The space is so narrow, as soon as someone steps in to browse, I have to get up and leave till it’s free again. That’s part of my excuse at least.

IMG_3817Without a doubt, best back cover author photo.

IMG_3801There’s one more farmers market of the season but Richard said they wouldn’t be at it. I was sad to hear that and bought up extra zongzi’s and steamed buns. He gave us each a little package of thank you cookies Hedy made and said some really nice things that made the stormy, blustery Saturday morning feel like a hug.

IMG_3811On the bag it said: Sweet for you. May the joy and happiness be around you today and always. The cookies were so good. I couldn’t place the flavor, malty & caramel, sort of smoky. Maybe dates, almonds and barley flour. Hedy said they were healthy cookies. I’m not sure what that means but knowing her, they were made with lots of love and care. I think that makes everything healthy.