dan the mushroom man

IMG_3683Dan, the Mushroom Man was at the farmers market this morning. With fall getting darker and colder, the thought of a savory mushroom tea propelled my hand to pick up the bag. Dried chanterelle, sweet tooth, morel and lobster mushrooms. It’s a worthwhile pantry investment. This bag will last long. Ground up a little bit at a time, adding just the right umami to meals. Dan is such a sweet old time harvester. It was nice to engage about forest life.

  1. This is awesome! Our farmer’s market only has fresh mushrooms, which is nice but I worry that I won’t use them quickly enough. Dried mushrooms are so much fun. Do you have any ideas about how you’ll use them yet, besides savory tea?

  2. lysette said:

    Dan had baskets of the mushrooms fresh too but I was also worried I’d let them go to waste. He suggested putting a little in the spice grinder and adding the powder to dishes. I’ll probably just sprinkle a bit on everything. I’ve never had ‘sweet tooth’ before so I’ve a bit of reading to do, a lot to play around with. I’d love to go mushroom picking but I want to do it with a pro. I’ve heard enough horror stories to be cautious 🙂

  3. Delia Napoleon said:

    Hey I was just wondering are you buying mushrooms around Burns lake. If so may you text or email me back
    My cell is 2508584359

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