*I wrote this while still on the farm in late August just before MoFo started. I was in the cabin -Twin Peaks- at twilight. The photos are rough but I can’t be bothered taking new ones.*

All, but the Country Grind patch, came from Portland illustrator/author Matt Gauck. I have a few more of his; another wolf, a shotgun armed grizzly bear, owls and a Laura Palmer –we miss you patch to sew on other clothes.

Alex came in to strike costumes on Tuesday. I asked if she could set me up on a sewing machine. I tried figuring one out myself but kept fucking up and lost hope. She was encouraging, showed me some tricks and fixed what I’d messed up. You’re the best Alex!

IMG_3093The caption at the bottom of the most bad ass howling wolf ever: We were here first.

IMG_3088The black lodge.

IMG_3097A torn threadbare tank top reanimated.

IMG_3098The other side of the tank with a patch from the sweetest quarterly print for rural punks –The Country Grind.

IMG_3095I ran down to the yard where Kate and Jeff were sitting at the picnic tables, to regale my awesome new talent. They laughed at how crap my sewing job was. I don’t care. I now -sort of- know how to use a sewing machine! Alex kept saying to me “Relax. You know how to use power tools, you can figure out how to do this.” I don’t know why I was so stressed out about it, something buried deep from grade 8 Home Ec.


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