today and always

IMG_3801There’s one more farmers market of the season but Richard said they wouldn’t be at it. I was sad to hear that and bought up extra zongzi’s and steamed buns. He gave us each a little package of thank you cookies Hedy made and said some really nice things that made the stormy, blustery Saturday morning feel like a hug.

IMG_3811On the bag it said: Sweet for you. May the joy and happiness be around you today and always. The cookies were so good. I couldn’t place the flavor, malty & caramel, sort of smoky. Maybe dates, almonds and barley flour. Hedy said they were healthy cookies. I’m not sure what that means but knowing her, they were made with lots of love and care. I think that makes everything healthy.

  1. raechel said:

    made with love and care = healthy….i love that sentiment. ❀

  2. Kate said:

    hello! found your blog through Caeli’s site, and spent the last hour reading … instead of finishing my tax return. whoops. your site is lovely, and your dogs are gorgeous. very happy to have found my way here πŸ™‚

    • lysette said:

      Hey Kate, happy to have you- bummer about your taxes. Luka is currently laying at my feet destroying the ambient atmosphere with her farts, despite this I will always be a dog person. Love your handsome hound πŸ™‚

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