book covers of the day

IMG_3815 Seasonal and eerie. Is it staring at me or walking away?

IMG_3824I can’t even…  his awesome power…  stare at his chest face and slip out of time and space…

IMG_3819Fuck yeah Howard!

IMG_3818Puffin put out a lot of weird dystopian kids books in the 80’s.

IMG_3825Given the gong show that’s been going on with Toronto’s mayor, if he was re-elected this book could have been considered ahead of it’s time, but calling it ‘this season’s Robocop’ is setting a pretty high bar.

IMG_3849Super casual laser firing… yes, I am only up to the letter H in sci-fi. The space is so narrow, as soon as someone steps in to browse, I have to get up and leave till it’s free again. That’s part of my excuse at least.

IMG_3817Without a doubt, best back cover author photo.

  1. Kate said:

    I probably shouldn’t have read that post while trying to eat breakfast. Ended up choking on a cranberry. I think the important question here is: was it part of the whole contraption, or was Howard wearing the mustard romper -before- he put the wings on?

    • lysette said:

      Ah, this haunts me as well. The shoes work well with the romper which leads me to think this was the outfit -before- the flying machine. However could runners such as these exist on this alien planet? Also there appears to be a bit of play in the socks, if he needs to pull them up to keep his calves warm. This appears predetermined.Though if he could fashion the wings, why not the romper. Indeed, which came first? Now the next question is: Laser man -why the cowl?

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