books rad to wtf

IMG_3837 I was taking a picture of this weaving book, Roz came over and said “Ooo I like that. Looks nice.” I told her, she could pull it off but on me it would look like I slit open a rug and pulled it over my head. She countered that hats don’t suit her but I can wear them. Touche Roz, well played.

IMG_3838Turning pages I kept pausing, rapt by this man’s grace and poise. I figured out he is not just a model but one of the authors of the book.

IMG_3839IMG_3841IMG_3842IMG_3840I love this caped pose. Great book.

Later I was flipping through a used massage textbook and saw flashes of blue leotard.

IMG_3843Okay, the students using the book need to clearly see the position their body should be in… makes sense.

IMG_3844I don’t understand the shoe change from black to white.

IMG_3846Wearing a little less but all for the sake of learning, right?

IMG_3847Hey-hey, wait a minute… wtf?! Who’s the gym instructor? Where is his uni-tard?

IMG_3848Clearly we have a discrepancy here.

  1. raechel said:

    haahah old textbooks are so hilarious. this is great.

    • lysette said:

      Totally! I was like ‘Whoo that’s a serious leotard!’ then I saw the guy and was ‘Are you fucking kidding me’. Continuity people- one leotard, all leotards!

    • lysette said:

      Yeah šŸ™‚ I wasn’t sure if it was woven in place of his pockets, or a soft gun holster. I wanted to spend more time with the book but got distracted by customers… cause I was supposed to be working.

    • lysette said:

      And what is he looking at so stern and pensively? Defiant almost. What is out there?! hahaha…

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