book covers of the day

IMG_4058I love bats. I love the colors and fonts. This one came home with me.

IMG_4055Cthulhu dressed up as a vampire or, a vampire dressed up as Cthulhu? Or the ultimate horror: a Vampulhu!… umm, knight in shinning ninja?

IMG_4045This also came home with me. It has everything – beautiful colors, sick armor, blood, guts & glory and of course, fucking Space Vikings! Fuck yes, space opera!

IMG_4053Classic early 90’s cyberpunk, though more of a murder mystery than an exploration on gender identity. Blaster of a cover though.

IMG_4029At least koala bears survive the evolution of earth as we know it.

IMG_4064Bio picture goes to author Sax Rohmer for his unmistakably racist Fu Manchu-drobe. And what appears to be photographic evidence of Sasquatch behind him.


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