warm winter welcome

IMG_4123I arrived at the farm a couple days ago to a sweet wolf candle gift in my cabin. One of the ears and  haunch had melted a bit from the heat off Anita’s stove. Doesn’t matter, it’s still the best. It’s as awesome as Mom’s giant hippopotamus candle.

IMG_4141The ground is frozen and it’s a little frosty. No real snow fall yet. Soon, it’s coming soon.


  1. FoodFeud said:

    Cool candle! Do you know what it’s made from?

    • lysette said:

      That is my conundrum – I haven’t asked the giver. I suspect it’s beeswax based on the color but it doesn’t smell like it, there’s a small possibility it’s soy. I’m the only vegan amongst my friends and co-workers in this rural place; everyone hunts, farms and fishes. She was so thrilled to surprise me with a wolf shaped candle – if I ask and it is beeswax, I know she’ll be really upset for not realizing it isn’t cool. I’m fairly non-confrontational. Any advice on how to approach it is welcome – half the time I’m explaining to people here why butter is not vegan.

  2. Kate said:

    Don’t Luka’s little paws get cold in the frost? That candle is so gorgeous. I know what you mean about the awkwardness though, I still haven’t found a way to approach things like that without either feeling like i’m being a dick to someone who did something nice for me, or feeling like i’m cheapening myself and my beliefs and letting myself down.

    • lysette said:

      I start worrying about her paws when it hits the minus 10’s celsius. I’ve tried booties, mostly because of salt on the sidewalks but they never stayed on,plus she hated them. I picked up ‘Musher’s Secret’ -dog sledder’s use it- basically a thick non-toxic salve. Otherwise she is acclimatized to this weather. If it’s too cold she stays in the cabin more.
      Exactly! I feel like a bloody coward but I couldn’t bring myself to say “but is it vegan?” Gifts are really tricky.

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