beacons in the night

IMG_4180Alex has used this suitcase as one of her sewing kits for as long as I have known her. I’ve always adored the pistol toting red-head pasted in it. I gave Alex two stickers and a patch on opening night last summer. Yesterday I went into the costume room to ask a question about Skokomina’s feathers; I saw she’d put the stickers in that coveted kit. I let out a little meep of joy and she pulled her jacket off the nail it was hanging on “Look. I sewed the patch here. I love the response it gets from people around town. It’s true. Everyone Good Is Necessary.” I melted with love for her.

IMG_4191She sewed it on her jacket with the be-dazzled zipper and farm emblem Mike designed two summers ago. When Pioneers Press did a limited run of patches from Adam Gnade’s book: The Do it Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfucking Sad, I bought up a stack of them; intending I’d pass them around to friends here on opening nights. This is the first one I’ve seen put to use. When last summers show closed, they dispersed all across the country. It may be a long time till I see the rest.

  1. FoodFeud said:

    As you may know, I love a good patch. And that patch is very good. Also love the title of that book!

    • lysette said:

      DIY Guide got me through rough times. I gave a copy to friends who just had a baby and he read it aloud while she breast fed. I’d recommend anything by Adam Gnade – his words are like a lightsaber.

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