‘a birthday party horse themed’

IMG_4336Once day broke, the first order of business was taking a picture with Sunny & Jack for Pioneers Press’s contest to win ten copies of Adam Gnade’s: The Do it Yourself Guide to Fighting the Big Motherfucking Sad.

IMG_4329 Dropped my ipod in the snow.

IMG_4360IMG_4359They kept nudging me in the cheek and shoulder with their furry winter muzzles. I tried taking a picture with Tom, Tinkerbell and Victor but Vic kept trying to bite the book.

IMG_4305It’s the day off and Bella started barking at me from across the field while Alex and her headed out. We stood over the fence and wished each other twenty-four hours of rest and recuperation; after so many long days and sleepless nights this tech week. Alex asked if she could borrow the zine to read tonight. I tossed it through the wooden fence into her basket.


As I waved Alex off I saw at my feet my favorite organism on earth – Lichen!


  1. FoodFeud said:

    Oooh, lichen are so wonderful…but I think horses are some of my favorite organisms on earth. Would love to be nudged out of a photo by their steamy noses.

  2. lysette said:

    Clydesdales are my absolute favorite of the gentle giant drafts! I relate to their temperament and steadfastness – particularly being year of the horse. I think lichen is my spirit plant 😉 I was on Haida Gwaii; the moss and lichen there is insane, voluptuous, dripping off of everything. I would happily take a lichen nerd holiday to the northern tundra. I sometimes think I should have gone into lichen studies rather than arts and trades.

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