IMG_4247Ullr we need you! Snow is melting fast. The tropical storm that hit the coast is swelling over us, bringing rain and warm breezes. We ran dress rehearsal with the sleigh teams last night. It all went pretty smooth but the teamsters said if it melts anymore; without new snow they’ll have to switch to wagons. Wagons are not terrible but sleighs are faster and we want this adventure to clip. Snow is easier to run in as well. I skidded over ice and splashed though slushy puddles last night, sodden by the time we did post show tech notes. I had my second fall of the winter too. Walking in to preset scene one, Cody radio’d me to say he found his glove. I started laughing and twisted to unclip the radio with my free hand, then -up-down- smash! My first fall was during rehearsal at scene three. I slipped on the hill carrying the little bow & arrow prop, let it go and did a roll. Jay said it looked like I was moving in slow motion. Snowboarding and skateboarding have taught me how to fall without injuring myself. I’ve inadvertently embraced tumbling which use to be my least favorite part of gymnastics. I’ve also come around to stinkbugs! Jay plays a stinkbug in the show and the character is all heart and clumsiness. During tech notes, there was a lil’ stinker slowly crawling along Rachel’s chair with a missing leg and I thought “Oh you poor, little bugger.” Tomorrow we have our first audiences, then hopefully I’ll start to get some sleep.

  1. I was in the US during a winter there and I was a total newb at walking on ice and snow. Everyone was laughing at me (is there a special way to walk on ice or something??)

    • lysette said:

      Why yes there is! Stay relaxed, keep a low center of gravity, knees soft and feet light. If you start to fall; tuck and roll; don’t jut an arm out, that’s how wrist get smashed. You get better with practice. I sprint in the dark, through snowy fields and forests as part of my job running an outdoor theatre show. Falling is not an option, I guess mindset has something to do with it as well 🙂

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