bio board

IMG_4397Winter show bio board.

IMG_4400My buddy, Tom, sets up in the  tack shed and takes the head shots over dinner break right before the tech run w/ horse sleighs. Cody and I were ripping around in the dark getting set up for the run. I dashed into the tack shed – hi T! – hug – click – click – okay see ya!- back out into the night.

Kate asked how I’ve been sleeping cause I look really tired. ‘Yeah, haven’t actually slept much since we started rehearsals.’ She replied dryly ‘Why? It’s not like you have a lot to worry about…’ We laughed hysterically for a good minute.

It’s a big show; epic, funny, beautiful; worth every ounce show. I took two harsh bails. The first time just as, Reneltta, running beside me, from scene one to scene two, said ‘We are going to be in the best shape ever by the end of this!’ My foot snagged a frozen lump of binder twine and I skidded on my right leg over dirt and ice, tearing my leggings; leg warmer soaking up blood. The next night I was running to the first aid kit for Dakota and hit a chunk of solid sawdust, landing on the same knee. As I limped around Jenn -affectionately-  pointed ‘Look! Here comes Gimpy, the Christmas Elf”

I’ve done my head shot with Luka the last few years. It was weird not having her with me but she’s been at home doing a lot of this:

IMG_4406I’m home tonight. She’s coming back to the farm with me tomorrow morning for the rest of the run.

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