IMG_4468Luka on stage at the new years eve cabaret.

IMG_4470After midnight everyone wrote down a personal hang up on a little rectangle of paper and hung it on the Christmas tree; stood it up on the bonfire and the pine was instantly consumed by flames. Lisa, Jenn and I didn’t want to wade through the crowd, nor leave the warm cookshack; we burned our hang ups with a bbq lighter in the kitchen skin.

IMG_4473Jenn’s map of the luge they built in the stud pasture where Sunny & Jack are living. After the hang ups were ash, everyone suited up and headed to the luge. Lisa, Luka and I scurried to the red house office to warm up and could hear the delighted screams from up in the woods.

IMG_4481Berm to keep luger’s from flying down the hill or into the fence. Jenn traditionally does a polar bear dip on new years day but as we’re a good half hour drive from the lake she opted for a pants-less morning luge instead. If I had been wearing underwear with my tights I would have joined Jenn and Risa. Kate -in her bathrobe- and I documented it for them instead.

IMG_4477IMG_4475IMG_4476Luka nibbling on Sunny, or Jack’s frozen poo.

IMG_4485Pretty great start to 2015.

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