closing night blizzard

IMG_4543I didn’t have time to re-glue and cure the tear in my boot. Saturday night I wrapped black hockey tape around it and announced to Lisa, with dry feet, I felt unstoppable! By the 8pm show the hockey tape was peeling and absorbing the melting snow. With an epic fall in the forecast for Sunday; I was thrilled to find a roll of pro-gaff tape in the Designery.

‘When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.’

IMG_4554Death roof.

IMG_4552Tack shed plowed in.

IMG_4551If Risa doesn’t wake up soon, she’s getting buried with the Gatehouse.

We did the last three shows Sunday night through the craziest blizzard I’ve ever experienced – not on my snowboard. Half, if not more, of the audience didn’t make it. The ones that did were rattled but relieved. One guy was wearing ski goggles.

We definitely had almost a three foot fall. All our trails filled with soft powder. The whole night we wadded, as fast as possible, through knee deep snow. I was exhausted by the closing party. Perched on the kitchen counter; nodding and smiling, hugs and congratulations. A weary ‘We did it!’ satisfaction, all the while keeping one eye on Luka as she kept trying to sneak over and lick the gas stove’s grease trap.

1:30am we said goodnight and headed up the hill. The snow was up to Luka’s chest. It fell so fast it hadn’t time to compact and she had to cut through my trail. By the time we reached the cabin it was more effort than a 10 year old dog should exert.

The following morning I left her in the cabin, found a shovel and dug out a trench starting at the cookshack.

IMG_4568IMG_4570Half way.

IMG_4572Post shoveling.


IMG_4575Come on! Let’s go home!


  1. WOW. Where do you live again? It’s cold here, but not really any snow. That alone makes me never want to leave the apartment.

    • lysette said:

      The whole of British Columbia got hit by this snow storm. The farm is on a high plateau in the mountains. we got a lot more snow than other places. I’m home now, a couple hours south of the theatre; back at my family’s bookshop. I’m glad I kind of get to be a hermit for a bit, at least till we do the spring show.

  2. Kate said:

    Holy crap that is a lot of snow. Being from Australia, aka The Face of The Sun, it all looks so romantic and lovely, and I just have images of frolicking about making snowmen and wearing scarves and mittens. I am 100% sure it’s nothing like that, but alas, American tv has given me unrealistic expectations.

    • lysette said:

      You’re not incorrect but American TV portrays half truths; snow angels do happen, people are outside marveling how magical everything looks. However, just like wearing white clothes it gets dirty fast. We start slipping on it and spray sand and salt everywhere for grip making the landscape look abysmal – and dogs ‘Don’t eat yellow snow’ was a common phrase growing up. I love winter -being born during a winter storm probably helps- but the only way to survive it is head for the hills and find as much sunshine as possible! Sun hunters.

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