wood stoves

IMG_4494The designery’s stove is my favorite on the farm. Wide mouth; easy to build up kindling. Alex’s method of putting a hunk of wood left and right of the walls; bridging a few pieces across, giving ample air flow for the fire to grow. This stove is always a pleasure to light in the morning.



IMG_4499Go next door to the rehearsal hall and groan it out with the long, narrow Fisher.  The dampers are great once there’s a good base of embers but many cold mornings are spent cursing over kindling that won’t quite light in the confines of this steel hallway. I was fortunate to have a pile of birch bark this winter. Oily birch combustion.

IMG_4501Head down to the cookshack and light that fire as well. A half hour or so of producing heat. I’m pretty glad the production office side of the red house is out of commission; that stove was fucking murder.

  1. FoodFeud said:

    Oh my gosshhh! I love wood burning stoves! I bet it smells great, but I also hope it does the job keeping you warm.

    • FoodFeud said:

      Also, love the God Save the Queen poster up there.

      • lysette said:

        The best part of it -besides the sharpie cheetah print sleeves- is the speech bubble the costume gals added says “Muff!” 🙂

    • lysette said:

      There is nothing like wood heat! It warms you up straight to your bones no matter how cold out it is. I wish I had a wood stove in my own home. I love the smell it infuses in my hair and clothes.

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