book covers of the day

IMG_4606Back when Canadian Prime Ministers had impeccable style,

IMG_4588& their wives nefarious lives exposed.

IMG_4583Needless to say I am back in the swing of working/being at the bookshop.

IMG_4592IMG_4594Rarely come across Nancy Drew’s of this era!

IMG_4597Billy Goats Gruff. I fell in love with this Bridge Troll.


  1. FoodFeud said:

    Oh GOD, “Wifestyles” !!
    Those Billy Goat Gruff drawings are great.

    • lysette said:

      I feel bad for the bridge troll, usually I root for the goats but in this one the troll won me over 🙂

  2. haha wifestyles! That’s a hilarious WTF moment. And the troll! That pic under the bridge would make the best Christmas card.

    • lysette said:

      I love his rolled up pant leg and fishing so daintily with his toes. It’s a keeper for sure.

      Canadians are total weirdos. In the 80’s I remember a cartoon during commercial breaks -Canadian Heritage series or something like that- showed our constitution was drafted up in a log cabin during a drunken brawl and this is seriously what they commemorated. At least we’re honest!

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