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IMG_4697 (64)IMG_4694And look fantastic doing it.

IMG_4695Adorable; even with a massive hunting knife hanging off his belt. Those were the kind of boots I found in the attic too.

IMG_4698 (65)Exploitation of longing to sell silver ware.

IMG_4704 (71)There seems to be a preference for portraying red heads as part of the war effort.

IMG_4708Lovely frolic but her gun safety needs work.

IMG_4710 (3)The best of all. Motherfucking bad ass ladies! This is what it’s about.

That’s a bit of the coolest time capsule hidden in this weird, old place I call home.

IMG_4700These newspapers were an intense part of the cache. The stack was about 2 feet tall but trashed by mice and a leaking roof over the 50 years they’d been sealed in the dark cavity.

IMG_4701The mixture of fonts and colors makes my heart race.

IMG_4682Royal Canadian Navy. Salacious war art.

IMG_4692IMG_4702IMG_4693IMG_4705I would love to believe this illustration was honoring the 4,000 (+) Aboriginal men and women who voluntarily enlisted in the second world war. The gun raised in the air representing the large proportion of First Nations who were sharp shooters. The Hudson Bay Company color coat and stripes around his legs makes me think otherwise. The artist’s totem pole rendering is puzzling. Closest in style to the Kwakwaka’wakw tribe; the two creatures depicted are supernatural beings. On top is Thunderbird, so large it can lift whales out of the ocean. The one on the bottom -I’m pretty certain, though the outstretched arms isn’t a common way to depict her**- is wild woman of the forest, Dzunk’wa, the cannibal spirit. Why did the artist choose these two beings? Other than the fact they are both terrifying and powerful. I hope it wasn’t as simple as aesthetic reasons when the poles carry significant meaning to coastal First Nations.Then again, this is the art of war.

Last installment of behind the attic wall & my favorite of it all: illustrative depictions of women during world war two!

** I’ve found there’s a totem pole like the drawing in Stanley Park but I could only find a picture of Dzunk’wa on the bottom. Later in the day I picked up a 1978 CAA Explore Canada reference reader, that was going into the recycle bin.

IMG_4797Ha! Something in the universe swept in and said “Oh, you think you know a thing or two, do you?” There’s no photo credit to where it is or who carved it and in fact when I look closely at it, it looks like a model not a true totem… is it a new moon?… wow, yes it is.

IMG_4789Even though I work at the book shop on weekends making the concept of weekend irrelevant; cool mail is a great way to start the weekend! I’ve been opening my mailbox daily hoping to see an envelope with FoodFeud’s: Marmalade Umlaut zines inside. I guess the new statutory holiday, Family Day, got Canada Post a little backed up. I’ve been meaning to order her zines for a while and she generously added her latest issue! I picked a range out of the twenty-eight available. I am easily swayed if the description includes comics but I mostly chose at random. Hand written with drawings and cut & paste; vegan recipes, punk wanderings, the good, the bad and ugly pondering. It’s like a thoughtful letter from a rad friend. My limited free time Saturday/Sunday will be filled with MU!

IMG_4786Also loved the envelope had a butterfly clasp holding it closed.

IMG_4714IMG_4718 (11)It’s weird to think, like cassette tapes and VHS, most kids these days won’t even know what this is.

IMG_4717IMG_4715 (8)IMG_4690IMG_4683John Ward -name penned in the top left of this box lid- I ascertained was the son of Jack; from a few scholastic books with his name and letters work and proprietor of all this stuff. The paper dolls? Why not. Or, John’s a jerk brother who took his sisters toys and hid them in the wall. Likely too.

IMG_4688 (55)I think this is the lid to a box of chocolates.

IMG_4691I actually found this paper squirrel in the sawdust insulation.

IMG_4685IMG_4687I might give this to my luthier friend to turn into a guitar for me.

IMG_4720 (13)You can’t really tell the scale of this rocking chair but my bets are it’s for a two to three year old. Yeah, it’s kinda creepy.

IMG_4707But not as creepy as this Santa Claus!


Part three – WW two Canadian newspaper headlines!