behind the attic wall: part two – toys

IMG_4714IMG_4718 (11)It’s weird to think, like cassette tapes and VHS, most kids these days won’t even know what this is.

IMG_4717IMG_4715 (8)IMG_4690IMG_4683John Ward -name penned in the top left of this box lid- I ascertained was the son of Jack; from a few scholastic books with his name and letters work and proprietor of all this stuff. The paper dolls? Why not. Or, John’s a jerk brother who took his sisters toys and hid them in the wall. Likely too.

IMG_4688 (55)I think this is the lid to a box of chocolates.

IMG_4691I actually found this paper squirrel in the sawdust insulation.

IMG_4685IMG_4687I might give this to my luthier friend to turn into a guitar for me.

IMG_4720 (13)You can’t really tell the scale of this rocking chair but my bets are it’s for a two to three year old. Yeah, it’s kinda creepy.

IMG_4707But not as creepy as this Santa Claus!


Part three – WW two Canadian newspaper headlines!

  1. I definitely think John was a jerk and hid them from his sister. That little Snow White tea pot is beautiful. And holy crap that Santa is super, super creepy. What a goldmine! I hope you’re having fun going through it all ๐Ÿ™‚

    • lysette said:

      If my memory is correct there was some little girls -maybe for a big doll- clothes that I had to toss cause they were super mouse nested in. The tea pot is cute! I should have photographed it. I’ve barely looked at the stuff cause I plowed on with the reno and moved it all in to the basement, always intending to get back to it but three years later I’m like “Oh yeah that stuff down there.” The basement access is though a hobbit door outside so it gets neglected.

  2. F^%$#@!!!!!! Creepy Santa AND creepy hangers-on! Wow wow at this loot!

    • lysette said:

      I know! Santa’s little toy minions are just as unsettling as he is! There was a kids sized pair of army boots too but I tossed them. I couldn’t believe how much stuff I pulled out of there. It kind of baffles me why they did it.

  3. FoodFeud said:

    The paper dolls are SO awesome! And the old phone. What are you going to do with the stuff?

    • lysette said:

      I don’t know. My brother wants to frame some of the pictures -you’ll know which ones when I post them- but otherwise I haven’t given it too much thought cause I haven’t even really looked through the stuff that intently. I wanted to take more pictures of the paper dolls -there’s quite the stack of them!- but it was freezing and windy out. I tapped out pictures as fast as possible and packed it all back up in the basement before the sunset and my fingers froze off ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. kittee said:

    What treasures and cool things!! The toy farm is particularly amazing!!

    • lysette said:

      Yeah! Even though it’s all pretty aged and beat up, the quality is undeniable. Even the packaging for a pair of barrette’s is awesome -I would love to see what little red riding hoods barrette’s look like. Maybe I’ll find them when I demo the kitchen?!

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