behind the attic wall: part four- ww 2 women


IMG_4697 (64)IMG_4694And look fantastic doing it.

IMG_4695Adorable; even with a massive hunting knife hanging off his belt. Those were the kind of boots I found in the attic too.

IMG_4698 (65)Exploitation of longing to sell silver ware.

IMG_4704 (71)There seems to be a preference for portraying red heads as part of the war effort.

IMG_4708Lovely frolic but her gun safety needs work.

IMG_4710 (3)The best of all. Motherfucking bad ass ladies! This is what it’s about.

That’s a bit of the coolest time capsule hidden in this weird, old place I call home.

  1. FoodFeud said:

    Haha, yeah, frolicing and holding a gun don’t exactly go hand in hand. The last picture is definitely my favorite too, though that little kid is pretty cute. Even with a knife.

    • lysette said:

      I will give her/the artist credit the finger is on the stock, not on in the trigger; it falls apart from there. I spent an intense weekend loading and unloading rifles, shotguns, handguns for my restricted firearm license -gun laws in Canada are rigid compared to the States -I need the license for handing blanks and prop guns in theatre.

      The fighter pilots picture is solid. If I frame anything it’s that. Hahaha ‘even with a knife’, you know what’s even cuter is a kid with an axe.

    • lysette said:

      A prototype for Children of the Corn. The knife is so crazy and menacing! Hey Canada we’re raising a generation of sociopaths! 😉

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