acrylic luka

Luka in acrylic by three dear friends.

IMG_4865The first portrait is by Jan Little.  She used a photograph Tom had taken of me and Luka for the summer show bio board. There were horses all around and we couldn’t get her to settle. Erin walked into the tack shed eating a piece of toast with peanut butter and banana. Luka’s attention focused on the toast. Erin held it over top of Tom’s camera lens and we got a great headshot of Luka with me obscured in the background. Darby later gave Jan this photo and surprised me that winter with this portrait.

IMG_4854The second by Bruce Horak. He was working on a 365 project; a portrait a day to answer the question how he, as a legally blind person, sees the world. He took a picture of Luka while I -taking a cue from Erin- held a biscuit in the air. Halloween night Bruce sent me a photo of the finished painting and mailed me the portrait once the exhibit was done touring. I still need to pick up the one he did of me that same day. Deep blue with bursts of yellow like I’m under water, or in the subconscious.

IMG_4858The third by Jodie Hyelim Park. It was during a winter show and the day of my birthday I kept seeing Jodie dart between the rehearsal hall and the props trailer. That night we all gathered around the island in the cookshack and demolished a chocolate cake Jason had made with raspberries and coconut cream. He’d never made vegan cake and was nervous how it turned out. He glowed when everyone proclaimed they couldn’t believe it was vegan. Jodie shyly handed me her painting wrapped up. She had done it that day from memory. I cried. She hadn’t worked on canvas in three years and said Luka has a quality that inspired her to paint.

Caravan Winter 2012 009Luka, the artists Muse.

  1. kittee said:

    Beautiful! I have no Vee portraits, I should make some myself! Luka is gorgeous.

  2. lysette said:

    Thanks Kittee! I’m amazed friends have taken the time and inspiration to paint my dog buddy. Do it! You should cross-stitch that handsome Vee, or a whiskery hound patch!

    • lysette said:

      The photographs you take of your cats has a quality reminiscent of the oil paintings Jan’s done of her cats 🙂 You can check them out on her website -click on her name, I linked to it there, then Gallery of Artwork and scroll down to work prior to 2009!

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