wild horses

IMG_4945Luka and I were walking along the channel on the band side yesterday. We started up the old kettle valley trail when one of the wild horses appeared and stood right in the middle of the path, as if it was saying “Look at how fucking magnificent I am in this sunlight” or, more likely “Yeah, this is as far as you are coming.” I don’t know how many there are running around those hills but it’s a pretty hearty herd.

IMG_4943IMG_4944IMG_4946We stopped when the horse came out of the woods. It’s the white spectre where the trail curves, this is also where we turned around. Luka is use to the draft horses up at the farm and knows they don’t like the look of her. Respect the wild.

  1. You are so lucky to see that! What a beautiful sight.

    • lysette said:

      I often think I would trade it for punk shows and zine fests though 😉 and vegan restaurants, not a lot of eating out around these parts, not like NYC that’s for sure.

  2. kendy said:

    this makes me want to listen to patti smith’s horses! i do not see many wild animals over in my parts so you are lucky to be on wild horse trails!

    • lysette said:

      That is such an epic album, I love Patti Smith! We’re listening to Jan Hammer right now 🙂

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