every thug is a lady-Julia Eff

I love Julia Eff’s writing. I can’t compare Eff to anything. Eff is an entity unto itself. A reflection of warmth and pain; candid nostalgia and horrors.  Pioneers Press is printing Every Thug is a Lady: Adventures Without Gender, as a book and running a contest in conjunction with the release. Take a picture of Julia’s zines with an object other than yourself – an anti selfie.

IMG_5109I couldn’t find the zine copy of Every Thug is a Lady but my book shelves are a mess right now. A little Slayer/Eff koozie love. Keepin it cold, or hot. Cameron mildly of blew my mind when he showed up on the farm with his coffee koozied.

IMG_5008IMG_5011IMG_5012I was reminiscing over a favorite childhood pop up and Eff just fit right in. The new printing should be out soon at Pioneers Press ->here<-.


  1. I was trying to think of where I had heard her name before…but I think it was from you! The zine looks very cool. Even cooler in the Slayer koozie, ha!! \m/

    • lysette said:

      Check it out Maud! I’m sure you’ll come across Eff somewhere in your neighborhoods; they are all worthy of repeated appreciation. The book format will be harder to lose on my shelves – once again bursting and tumbling. I need to build more this spring; make a special one just for stapled, stitched, bewitched zines. Slayer forever – Hanneman RIP.

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