the company of wolves

Fifteen years ago I was in a goodwill on the Island and picked up a vintage fur hood. One of the elderly volunteers walked past me and said “That’s wolf, you know.” I felt chilled and sick. I couldn’t believe it. I stood there holding it. “Beautiful isn’t it?” I bit my tongue, chewed my cheeks. I couldn’t respond to her sweetness. I bought it. It belonged to the wolf it was stolen from, no one else. It sat in a box all these years like an albatross. In January, I was sitting on a table in the costume room talking to Alex about what to do with it. “I’ll show it to you Alex, before I get rid of it.’ She shook her head “No, don’t do that. I’ll want to keep it. Bury it. Bury it where you want the wolves to come back.”

IMG_5038Where I want the wolves to come back. I had a few months till the ground thawed to ponder this but spring came early and with the new moon I figured it was time. Luka and I hiked way up the mountain, to the same spot where twenty years earlier, a close friend died in a car accident.

IMG_5076Looking west. Hometown on the tip of the lake. Fire tore through here in 2003.

IMG_5035The day was hot but Luka found a dark patch of snow and ate as much of it as she could.

IMG_5086I brought a tree planting shovel and the fur in this tote. It just came in the mail as a perk for supporting Will Potter’s Drone on the Farm: Ariel Expose Kickstarter campaign. Artwork by Matt Gauck.

IMG_5082I visited my friend for a bit then wandered around till I found the right spot, nestled in a grove of trees.

IMG_5083I dug as deep as I could around rocks and without hacking into roots. It wasn’t very deep, the shovel sucked. The soil was incredibly rich, loamy and red.

IMG_5091Someone built a inukshuk overlooking where my friend had passed. It looked like an eagle from where I stood. New wolf packs have been reported a little further north. It had been at least ten years since I last visited her here. I think she would like the company of wolves too.

  1. I love this. maybe yr friend will get some wolf company soon.

    • lysette said:

      I do too! A couple wildlife biologist say they’ve heard wolf calls around our theatre farm, which is two-ish hours north of here. They cover massive territories, my fingers are crossed a pack will like this area and make it a safe home. There’s a very controversial -roiling boiling my blood- aerial wolf cull our provincial government is trying to execute to, as they claim, protect caribou herds. Wolves are still so maligned and misunderstood… I want to vent right now about the proposed wolf cull but I’ll save it for a post 😉

  2. kittee said:

    What a very good spot for wolves. Thanks for sharing this. ❤

    • lysette said:

      The latest issue from the International Wolf Center has a cover story on the Ethiopian wolf! It made me think of the generous fundraiser you did for those endangered wolves 🙂

  3. cookeasyvegan said:

    I read this several times — so moving. You’ve found a good spot to honor the lost and future wolves. I think your friend would approve.

    • lysette said:

      I hope they make their way down here, thanks for coming by Andrea 🙂

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