wild loggers

IMG_5183Beavers are falling young trees around the creek.

IMG_5191IMG_5197IMG_5194The city protects some trees with chicken wire. There are big, old trees near the water you can see chicken wire patterns embedded in the bark. Last spring Luka chased a beaver into the water at the marina. It swam circles around her, pausing to thwap!  it’s wide tail at her. She’d never have caught it, but if she did; I shudder to think how badly a beaver would fuck her up. She’s on the hunt. Normally, I keep her leashed up whenever we near beaver dens. She’ll stop, lift her nose high in the air, eyes closed and smiling as she smells them on the wind.

  1. raechel said:

    Beavers can be scary! Careful, Luka!

    • lysette said:

      She can’t resist them! I’ve gotten good at clocking when she smells a beaver on the wind and leashing her back up, otherwise the chase is on; unfair for the beaver, dangerous for Luka. I’ll let Luka know you say ‘Leave the beavers be’ 😉

  2. This city kid wants to say there is something cool about spotting trees felled by beavers, but I guess I should know better…

    • lysette said:

      Nah, I totally get excited every time I spot a beaver! Even more so if it’s out of the water cause you really get to see their huge, wide tail! My brother and I were driving along the water and saw a house with a custom sign ‘The One Tree House’ It had one enormous willow in the front yard and a beaver had gnawed out half of it’s base! We felt horrible but still laughed, pulled over and took a picture.

  3. I love beavers! Never seen one and probably never will but I still think they’re awesome 😀

    • lysette said:

      I haven’t seen them very often, though I am more aware thanks to Luka’s interest. More rare is the platypus, eh? Beavers and platypus’s must be distant cousins, similar tails, webbed feet, waterproof fur and totally, utterly awesome!

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