book covers of the day

IMG_5170I’ll be away for a month from the bookshop working on the farm spring show..

IMG_4875This giallo-esque cover is intense, let alone extremely pink.

IMG_4820From depressing marriage advice to lubricious Armageddon fiction, Tim LaHaye has always sought to destroy ones sense of well being.

IMG_5231I was in a super grumpy mood till this book fell open and I marveled at how complicated his boots are; that it appears to be winter and he’s shirtless, she’s in a nightgown with possibly no shoes? I feel better just looking at it right now.

IMG_5114Apparently, a battle of one.


IMG_4974Encouraging note left inside by the last person who read it.

IMG_4735Illustration from a Susan Musgrave children’s book.

IMG_4918Aussie classic!

  1. cookeasyvegan said:

    I want to leave a comment but I don’t know what to say. 😉 I think you have everything covered.

  2. Bwahaha! My favourite has to be Mr. Deathstalk Honour there.

    • lysette said:

      Isn’t that a gem! the artist, Peter Mennim, was having a lot of fun with that one. I had about eight different ways of stating the obvious 😉

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