north bound

IMG_5205The last few days around town, before I headed to the farm for our first ever spring show.


IMG_5240Early morning, lumbering up the creek we spotted The Beaver! Luka and I scuttled along the edge trying to catch up for a better look. It was huge! Must have been around sixty pounds.

IMG_5241It slipped into the culvert before I could get a closer photo.

IMG_5242If Luka wasn’t on leash, she’d be up the creek.

IMG_5261All the boats are back in the water, summer is coming.

IMG_5267While I was packing, Lisa said she was out of coffee til Kim got back from the coast. I cried “Never fear!” Jesse had brought in a fresh bag of Heart beans, my love of loves. I loaded the car with a month worth of clothes and books, food for Luka and her multiple beds. The drive is about two and a half hours; up the lake, stretching into farm land cradled by forested mountains. By afternoon Lisa and I sat on the steps of her porch drinking french press; warmed in the sun, chilled by the wind. Buddy, her new eight month old pup, followed Luka around the yard; woofing, bowing, trying to get her to play. Luka eating his bones, chewing sticks together. So good to be back and experience this place in the spring.

  1. Good luck with yr travels and the show! Looking forward to my mailbox when yr through.
    missed yr last few posts, but I love the photo of the young you! So sweet. my nervous tic is hair pulling, so I can definitely relate to the weird ways anxiety makes its way through and out of yr body.
    Looking at those coffee beans makes my heart swell 🙂

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