spring on the farm

IMG_5283Hello darkness my old friend…

IMG_5277I’ve come to talk to you again… it’s just cold enough to light a fire in the rehearsal hall and let it burn out by noon.

IMG_5300I flipped over the second page of my contract and found this post it note from the General Manager. I am aghast. I did not know Lynch dropped out!

IMG_5315In rehearsal.

IMG_5307Luka in rehearsal.

IMG_5304Lunch time on the porch.

IMG_5292Lisa brought this chocolate back from her trip to the big, big city. It is without a doubt the best chocolate I have ever had. The only way I want to eat chocolate now. Sadly, the company only sells in house and I can’t think of anyone else who does cacao nib bars like this. She’s been trying to mortar and pestle it up herself but hasn’t hacked the method yet.

IMG_5274Mouse proofing office chips.

IMG_5276Scott Crow sticker via Pioneers Press.

  1. Aw, Luka napping is so sweet.
    Those cacao nib bars look awesome! Kinda like the texture of these Italian amaretto cookies I used to eat when I was a kid…all crackly.
    my favorite way to mouseproof an open bag/box of food is to eat it all at once :/

    • lysette said:

      She is a lady of leisure these days. All the young pups try to get her to play, she has spurts but would rather hang out with the older dogs. The nibs bars are unreal! The package is nearly empty, it’s so sad. I’m just going to have to spoon nibs and cane sugar into my mouth, hoping for the same effect -unlikely. Mark put a bag of chips down for not even 30 seconds and a mouse ran into it! There are so many mice -frogs, bears, coyotes, squirrels, deer, gophers, great horned owls etc- here, we try to co-habit all together 🙂

  2. kendy said:

    coffee and chocolate – i thank the gods for this daily!

    • lysette said:

      Me too! It’s a wonder I manage to sleep at all!

  3. that chocolate looks good, I’m not usually a fan of chocolate but now and then I’ll try a vegan (or raw vegan) chocolate that blows my mind. And Lynch!!!

    • lysette said:

      This one blows minds -believe me 😉 Lynch, oh god, we were all sitting around the table signing our contracts and when I flipped that page over and read Sean’s post it note I gasped out loud and looked up at him in horror. I’ve been so busy I haven’t even followed up why he’s pulled out of Twin Peaks – it can’t be without him!!

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