day off

IMG_5418 I love getting this card. Cousin Craig gave me rune stones for one of my early teen birthdays. I’ve been turned on to readings ever since.

IMG_5430This spring show Clyde team. Ray getting a good butt scratch. I’ve finally submitted to fact I have a cold. As much as I wanted to, I couldn’t even do cabin crawl last night. I started out with the pack; in a drowsy fog and my head felt like it was going to split open. I bailed at the first stop and went to bed right after sunset. I promised myself I’d take it easy on this one day off before tech starts. Luka and I started by wandering around the farm before heading to town.

IMG_5452Weathered, worn wagons. Patches of snow filling the clear cuts in the distance.

IMG_5454Winter show 2005 I painted this on the floor of one of the set pieces. I remember it was minus 18 out and I had a tarp slung over the opening of the little shack with a tiger torch cranked to full, to heat the space so the paint wouldn’t freeze. I’m surprised it’s lasted this long. I’m also surprised I didn’t light myself on fire but I’m pretty good with tiger torches.

IMG_5447Luka dunked in the lake while I did laundry in town. Something about the spring weather has me missing Australia; it’s consuming my thoughts.

IMG_5470Early afternoon we got back to the farm and Thomas was clearing all the weeds around the bathhouse into his truck. Cilla gave me a handful of fresh asparagus. This area grows the best asparagus.

IMG_5464I’m working on Luka’s separation anxiety. I did a bunch of things wrong last winter and she freaks out if I try to leave her alone. This afternoon I read in the cabin till she settled down, then I’d calmly step outside, read for a couple minutes and re-enter. She’d get up and pant. I’d sit till she relaxed and repeat. Slowly she got better. Standing outside I saw a little pile of sawdust building up on the stump that serves as the step to the plank/porch to the door. A beetle was boring holes in the stump. I hope it sticks to the round and doesn’t start working on the cabin’s board & batten.

IMG_5462 I was re-reading Adam Gnade’s Friends Get Wayward zine. His writing slows me right down. There’s something so familiar in it and I keep going back to his sentences, always wanting more. I love his audio zines too, they are great for my road trips back and forth from the farm. A few summers ago I was working in the production office playing his song You Got Mean on repeat. Marshall, coming in and out of the room, finally paused and laughed “Is this the longest song on earth?” He really didn’t mind though, he liked it too.

  1. You live in such an amazing looking place. And Luka in the lake! What a beautiful photo.

    • lysette said:

      That’s really nice of you to say, Faye and yet I can’t get Australia -Victoria in particular- off my brain! A breeze will remind me of Melbourne, sunrises in Williamstown, the epic starry nights in Princetown. I’m longing for it big time!

  2. kendy said:

    that is a really neat looking deck you have. i pull a card each morning and write it down in a mini journal. it helps me ground my day and get set on a good path.

    • lysette said:

      Rad! I just started drawing a card each night then recording my dreams in the morning. Nothing too profound yet but my dreams are getting vivider.

  3. Pretty tarot! I like Kendy’s idea of drawing a card a day but I don’t have a deck anymore.
    Rad looking zine, there is so much good stuff out there!
    Beautiful, beautiful horses. Love Clydesdales. I am getting a horse tattoo soon that is gonna set me back a pretty penny but means a lot to me.

    • lysette said:

      I love this deck. My parents gave it to me a couple years after my cousin had given me the stones. I like using cards better.
      My reading list grows every day but Gnade is one writer I re-read all the time! I’ll send you something of his when I get home 🙂
      Awesome tattoo choice! I don’t see a lot of horse tattoos, now I want one! What type of horse? And where?

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