day off

IMG_5483Looking back from the Timber Barn, the spring show venue. I still haven’t beaten this cold but hope to rest easy today and gain the upper hand on this chest goblin. I was croaking yesterday, running around trying to give timing calls; dress rehearsal in the booth, crackling out hoarse LX cues. Standing around the fire pit afterwards there was a mixture of ‘I like how your voice sounds, it’s so sultry’ to ‘Reminds me of the awkwardness of puberty.’ The full moon over the forest and the bonfire was a rewarding way to end the tech week.

IMG_5382The day off a couple weeks back Luka and I hiked to Pebble Beach where the towns bylaw lets dogs swim. A warning at the trail head there could be land mines from the defunct military base.

IMG_5383I’m usually not up here at this time of year. I’m stoked by all the wildflowers, these little white ones are carpeting the forest right now.

IMG_5387Pebble beach on Kal.

lysetteI think this is the headshot Lisa is using for the bio board. We always take the bio shots in the tack shed and being spring time the sun was shining straight in. Tom felt there was too much top light in most of the pictures he took of us. Considering we had less than a minute to get a picture before I had to run off to do notes I think this one will do just fine. I’m not a fan of having my picture taken but the bio board is part of theatre and it is nice seeing the whole ensemble. Tom is a great photographer too. I was cuddling up to  Luka but it looks like I’m pinching her arm pit and she’s growling at me. Lisa gave her some treats and the couple after that are great of Luka but I was leaning back and washed out by the sun light.

  1. Thanks – I am assuming you are talking about my buddy Tom’s photo. When I put his pro photo beside all of my Ipod shots -ahahah- I really see the disparity between the two! Maybe one day I’ll get a real camera but I’ve also been saying for years I’ll get a phone. My relationship with technology is like running up a river of molasses.

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